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Recover outlook express password

Are you forgot your Microsoft office outlook express password? You are finding manual ways to recover your lost password? If yes, then you are an absolutely on right place. Because here you I can give you best ways to recover your lost outlook password.

Microsoft office outlook is one of the most popular office applications, that can be used for the email communication and managing personal information. Microsoft office outlook saves all its information in a .pst files format. All your personal documents like email, journals, task, attachments, notes, and other outlook objects are saved in the file with .pst file extension. For security point of view, each and every email account provides you a facility to set password for your outlook express account. You know, password makes your emails and other documents secure and safe. No anyone can assess other account, if password is set on the outlook. But many time it happens, password of the account gets forgotten or lost. Many important mails cannot be managed or accessed as you are not able to log into your outlook express mail account. In such case, you can try to remember password and use the best source where password has been written. Otherwise, it is better to go for a third party outlook email password recovery tool. The tool performs email password recovery fairly will and allow you to access your email again without any loss.

Recover outlook express password

If you are forgetting your identity password, you will not be able to recover it. In addition, since account passwords are stored in the windows registry under a particular identity, even if you have, for no any reason to used more than one Identity, then you will also be unable to recover their passwords. You only one or last option is to create a new Identity from the Identity logon window, or re-enter your accounts information, and then import your email folders by these steps:

  • On the File menu, click on the Import, and then click on Messages
  • Choose "Microsoft Outlook Express 6" from the list and then click on the next.
  • Choose Import mail from an OE6 store directory and then click on the ok button.
  • Surf to the original Identity's store folder
  • Choose the folders to be imported and click on the Next
  • When the import process is complete click on Finish to quite the import wizard.
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You should also to remove the original Identity you will have to edit the Windows registry. This is best left to knowledgeable users.

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