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Assured recovery of excel, access, powerpoint, outlook, word, vba project or other office items. Do not break office algorithm and find actual paasword. supports microsoft office 2003 to 2007.
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Outlook 2010 Password Recovery: Easy Way to Recover Lost Password

Microsoft offers an Outlook Personal information manager package. To manage your personal activities you can use the application of this Office Package. It provides various types of files to store various types of information. To store emails it provides web mail application which is widely use by the Outlook 2010 users. It is common that to provide security you have to use password authentication. By the use of PST (Personal Storage Table) feature you can add password protection into your data files. PST file is a single file which works as a database stores all emails, contracts, notes, calendar, journal, entries etc. Outlook 2010 Password Recovery is required when you lost Outlook pst password.

Whenever you set password protection with any file there may chances to forget or lost that. As like that you may lose PST password that may be critical issue when you have saved important data in your PST file. In this time period Outlook PST password recovery required to access the password protected file. In this case you can also remove Outlook PST password.

Outlook PST file is compatible with later version of Outlook. It provides a utility called pst19upg.exe. With this utility it is easy to remove Outlook pst password. In the process of Outlook 2010 Password Recovery this utility requires a space of about three times the size of the original PST. In this process you should first backed up file and then go for recovery using scanpst.exe file. After that pst19upg.exe can be used in the files via command line like:

“C:\My Documents\pst19upg.exe”-x outlook.pst

Note: Full path of the file may vary in different Outlook version.

After performing this process a copy of PST file is created with the extension of .PSX. Now you can rename the original PST and use “C:\My Documents\pst19upg.exe”-i outlook.pst to recover lost Outlook PST password. You can scan this file and open to it in Outlook. But with this utility there is limitation of Outlook version. It supports Unicode format in Outlook 2003 and 2007. In some of the case this may fails and you have to search other option for Outlook 2010 Password Recovery .

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Office Password recovery is such third party password recovery software which allows you to recover lost or complete forgotten Outlook PST password. Since this tool comes in read only nature so it safe and secure for your Outlook PST files. Outlook 2010 Password Recovery provides interactive interface which makes password recovery process easier than others. It is capable to recover password of Outlook emails, pst files and other Office documents. A novice user can also perform the steps of password recovery without any hassle. It supports MS Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000 and compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000.

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