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Microsoft excel 2010

If you forgot excel password 2010 then you can’t access the data of the worksheet and workbook because this is password protected and you have forgot excel password. Microsoft has provided the feature to provide the security of the data so that unauthorized user can’t use it and data be secured. As we know that excel is the one of the most popular application of Microsoft Office which is developed by Microsoft and every beginners of the computer must learn how to use excel. It is mostly used in official works to store the data in a separate form and also help to calculation such as growth of the company, employee’s salary, work report, plan etc. Microsoft excel has many versions because it is included in MS office and MS office is available in many versions so it is also in many versions such as excel 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Excel 2010 and 2013 are the latest version of Microsoft office but all versions have the feature to lock the sheet or workbook so that no one can access without password.

Why need to recover excel 2010 password

You need to recover excel 2010 password if you forgot it because if you have protected excel with the password and forgot the password then you can’t access it or open it unless you give the right password. If you forgot password in excel 2010 then you can’t open the sheet or workbook of excel 2010 so you need to recover the password so that you may access it. As we know that if we don’t use a thing regularly then we forgot how to use it so like this if you protect your sheet and don’t note it in a separate notebook then you may forgot the password and can’t open excel.

How to recover excel 210 password

If you forgot excel 2010 password and want to recover then you can’t perform the recovery process manually so use the office password recovery software which is specially developed to recover the password of all versions of Microsoft office so it is the best option to recover the lost or forgot excel password. Download this tool and install in the system, when it installed then open it and select the excel file which is password protected and click on the start button. It will take some minute then show the password. This is one of the best tool to recover excel 2010 password so try it once.

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