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Assured recovery of excel, access, powerpoint, outlook, word, vba project or other office items. Do not break office algorithm and find actual paasword. supports microsoft office 2003 to 2007.
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How to recover word password

Microsoft office is the popular product of Microsoft which runs on Windows 7/8, XP and Vista.

It included more application such as word, excel, PowerPoint, outlook, Access etc. These applications are very helpful in our daily life. We use word to create text document, excel to store date separately as a table format and also for calculation, PowerPoint for presentation and also other application for more work. Office word provides facilities to protect the file by setting the password which can be changed. It provides security to document file. Unless you tell the password of the text document file no one can open your file. Every computer user gets knowledge of Microsoft Office.

What is the use of password in word document:-

Password is very useful for its users because if you use this feature to protect your word document then it is fully secured and no one can see your file without password. It became more important when your data is very important such as some information of banking, official file, government file, defense file etc. It plays a main role to protect your word file from unauthorized user.

Harms of the word password:-

Office word is useful for users but it became harmful if user forgets the password of the word file. Without its password you can’t open the word file and if it is compulsory for you to use that document file but the password is forgotten then in this situation you will think that why I used this feature. Most of the Microsoft Office users don’t know how to recover word password if it is forgotten. But you can recover it easily. Suppose that you have a file of word 2010 or 2007 which is password protected, after some days or months you forget it but it has the information which are more required then in this situation no one can better feel the sorrow of this feature of the word.

How to recover:-

There are so many word password recovery tools in the market which can recover your word password. Just download word password recovery tool and install in your system. After installing it in your system open it and follow the steps of the software and read the instruction which is given in the software step by step.


MS word is used to create the text file and it has more features to change the formats and other features of the word. We can use the password to protect word file but it became a problem for us if we forget the password. In this situation we need Word Password Recovery Tools to recover the password.

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