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Fix 'Cannot open ms excel files' Error

MS Excel is a spreadsheet application which allows you to execute mathematical calculations. In this Office document you can keep your official data safe which is organized as workbook. The files of Microsoft Excel saved with .xls format. Sometimes due to various issues like virus attack, application error you cannot open MS Excel files. There may be Excel files may be lost or damaged.

Sometimes when you go to access MS Excel file then you will face below error message on the computer screen:

".XLS cannot open. The file may be read only or you may be trying to access a read only location or the server the document is stored on may be not responding."

This is very critical situation because in this case you cannot open MS Excel files and its contents. It is just like a data loss annoying condition. Such erroneous situation generally occurs when you have to face below condition with MS Excel:

  • The located server file may be currently unavailable.
  • The files or documents that you want to access gets damaged or corrupted.
  • You might have sufficient permission to access MS Excel files.

To resolve such behavior of MS Excel you must have to perform the following steps:

  • Just modify the permissions of Office files that are marked as read only.
  • Diagnose and correct the server issues of MS Excel files.
  • If files has damaged or corrupted then repair them.
  • Try to open the Excel file using �Open and Repair� features.
  • Save the damaged .XML file in HTML format and convert it in MS Excel format.
  • If problem persist due to forget or lost password issue then use third party MS Office password recovery software.
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Sometimes when you try to import data from MS Excel workbook then you will receive following error message:

"The Microsoft Excel file cannot be opened because it is password protected and contains encrypted data."

This behavior of MS Excel generally depicts that Ms Excel file is password protected. In this case first you have to delete ms excel password from the protection password. If you are facing lost or forgotten password issue then you would have to use third party MS Excel password recovery tool. This tool recovers your lost password very quick and allows you to modify or reset ms excel password protection. This user friendly tool provides easy steps for ms excel password recovery. So get ready solve �cannot open ms excel files� issue using some standard technique. It is compatible with all versions of MS Excel files including Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 etc.

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