Office Password Recovery
Assured recovery of excel, access, powerpoint, outlook, word, vba project or other office items. Do not break office algorithm and find actual paasword. supports microsoft office 2003 to 2007.
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How to fix password error on .ppt PowerPoint?

Are you getting DRM Error (Digital Rights Management) error while opening ppt power point presentation? Does it requires password for opening ppt power point presentation? Are you forgot your ppt password and unable to access your ppt or pptx presentation slide?

In various cases the user forgot or lost their powerpoint presentation password and lose their ppt file. It is very embarrassing situation for all the users who is facing these kind of problems. Once you lost your password you will never be able to access your ppt file. MS Office doesn�t provide any password recovery option, forgot password option and password hint for recover lost password so unfortunately you will have to remind your forgotten password to unlock powerpoint ppt file.

However, if you can�t remind your password then you may take help of professionals product as Microsoft office password recovery tool. This tool is designed by the best team of professionals that has a series of smart searches like Common Dictionary, English Dictionary, BruteForce, Numbers, Smart Search, Combined Smart Search, Date etc. This tool doesn�t break your old password because breaking a password forcefully can damage the powerpoint product and you will never be able to set password in ppt. It just find your old password and returns you.

How office password recovery works?

Office password recovery has great collection of dictionary in English, number, symbols, date, latin and in other languages. It has also several powerful search algorithms. It mixes the number, characters, symbols, date and other material and match with your old password. If password matches it returns your password. It is designed such type of so it could use multiprocessing facility. So, when you will do other work, it will find your password in background without keeping slow your pc.

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If you have any ideas or hint about your password such as some characters of your password, approximate length of your password or any other hint then there is option to provide password hint and based on hint it will return your old and true password just in a second. You can download office password recovery tool free and find your password now.

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