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How to unlock or crack MS PowerPoint Password

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is the one of the best and efficient tool for making presentational slide for business, education, research, home and for personal use. As it is easy to use it also provides security for protecting your slide from unauthorized users. There is option to encrypt your slide with password. But the real problem arises when you forgot your password or lose your password. In this situation you are required MS PowerPoint password recovery but finally you got failed to unlock or crack PowerPoint password because unfortunately Microsoft doesn’t provide and forgot password option for password recovery. It is not known why Microsoft did it.

Why need to lock MS PowerPoint?

These days everything is depend on data. MS PowerPoint minimizes the complexity of presenting data and gives better way to present your theme in front of any person. If there is very important data in your slide then you surely want to protect it from other users, hackers or cyber attacks. After passing long time there is chance for forgetting password. Apart from it there is also various reasons when your password might lost. Some of them are:

  • Any Employee who left your organization and leave important ms powerpoint slide with password protected.
  • The file is mistakenly lost or deleted in which you manages the entire password.
  • You download or get a PowerPoint file that is password protected. Etc.

These are just a few reasons that are responsible for losing password of Microsoft PowerPoint. It is the most important question that how to recover MS PowerPoint password.

How to Recovery MS PowerPoint Password?

If you are suffering any problems that are mentioned above, then don’t get so worried. The efficient solutions are available through which you can easily done password recovery for MS PowerPoint. The Microsoft Office Password Recovery Tool is especially designed by professional crackers to break Microsoft office PowerPoint password. These tool not only recover ms office PowerPoint password but also recovers password for ms word, ms excel, ms outlook, ms access and Microsoft VBA project.

Features of Microsoft Office Password Recovery Software
  • No matter how your password is long and complex. It recovers password of any length and complexity.
  • This tool is multilingual so, if your password contains Latin, Hieroglyphs and Cyrillic characters then don’t worry. You are on absolutely right place.
  • It applies Brute Search, Smart Search and Dictionary Based Search one by one. So it ensures complete ms office password recovery.
  • If your password is weak then it returns password instantly.
  • If you have any idea or hint about password then it also recovers password instantly.
  • It can work in background without eating system resources. So you can do your any work without any hassle.
  • A very well designed user friendly interface, that will auto help you to use Microsoft office password recovery tool.
  • This software is supported with all types of windows versions from Windows98 to Windows7.
  • It recovers password for all version of ms office from office 2003 to office 2010.
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These are just a few features of ultimate Microsoft office password recovery tool. You will see its power upon uses. If you are facing serious problem and unable to recover Microsoft PowerPoint password, then free download this software today and recover your forgotten or missing MS PowerPoint password Instantly.

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