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Complete Guide to Repair Excel File

In Microsoft office package many application is included. Ms excel is also a part of Microsoft office. This is very important for us. We can save our records and data in excel. The extension of Ms excel is .xlsx. This is very important file. In this file the all data is record in the form of rows and column. If this file is being corrupt then all the recorded data in this file lost. Corruption of excel file is very important for you. Transferring of data from one application to another and one place to other place in the form of this file. The open xml formats used in excel. There are so many reasons to corrupt this file. But you should keep safe your file. Recover excel file process and reasons of corrupting is given below.

Why and how xlsx file corrupts

There are so many reasons to corrupt your xlsx file. If your system is affected from virus and malwares then this file may be corrupt. It also be happened due to suddenly shut down your computer. When you are working with excel sheet and your computer will unfortunately shutdown then your working file may be corrupted. This is very bad situation for you. Your data and time both are lost. The file is also corrupt due to application corrupted or system files corrupted. But now these days we can recover or repair our corrupted excel sheet. The process to repair file is given below so read it carefully. This is very important for you.

Repairing of excel file

There are two processes to repair excel file:

1st is you can recover or repair your excel file from its own tool that is included in Microsoft office. This process repairs your data manually. You can easily repair excel data from the given steps:

  • Open Ms excel and then click open.
  • Choose corrupted file from the open dialog box.
  • Choose the open button from the arrow and click open and repair.
  • After clicking on it here you have two choices, so read the choice and select one that is beneficial for you.

If you are not satisfied with above process then you choose 2nd step. The above given step not work every time. But this step work very well and gives best output. You can repair you corrupted xlsx file through steller phonix excel recovery software. This tool gives you best result. From this tool not only you can repair your excel data but it also recovers your lost data. This is one of the best option for you. You can easily use this tool. And this software is easy to download. This tool has great features. Below I am discussing about some important feature of this software:

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  • Easily Repair: - you can easily repair your corrupted file from this software.
  • Simple UI: - due to simple user interface it is easy to handle or use. You can easily understand the process.
  • File and folder retrieving easily: - you can easily choose your corrupted file and folder.
  • Recover worksheet with properties: - you can recover your worksheet with all original properties.
  • Resolve all corruption errors of excel: - this is most important feature for you. It handles all error related situation.
  • Wide support and capability: - this software support all the windows and Mac operating system.

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